TwitterNG raises Law School fees for user; Nigerian lady gets Michael B.Jordan’s attention | A recap of today’s Twitter victories

We bring you a roundup of the biggest topics that dominated your social media conversations today. No alterations, just straight out of your mouths – or fingers.

Twitter NG rallied to help this young man pay for Law School

Here’s how it started:

Then donations began to roll in:

And Adefehinti has returned with gratitude:

We have solid proof that Twitter is not all banter and anger. This is one of them.

Meanwhile, this one got the attention of the love of her life, thanks to Twitter 

Michael B.Jordan is Hollywood hunk whose role in 2018 blockbuster, Black Panther won many hearts despite being the antagonist.

But Twitter assisted this Nigerian lady in getting him to notice her:

Of course, haters called it Photoshop but look who’s admitting the friendship on Twitter:

We are just happy to be celebrating these little victories.

A lot goes down in the DM but a proposal after 9 months? GG


We might want to take this Twitter business ore seriously!



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